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  Boardman Park Will Seek 6/10-Mil Levy Approval  
  Issue Will Help Provide Funds For Equipment, Capital Improvements:   August 3, 2017 Edition  
     On the Nov. 7 general election ballot, Boardman Park will seek approval of a renewal of an existing three-tenths-mil levy, with an increase of three-tenths of a mil for a total request of six-tenths of a mil.
      The existing three-tenths mil levy was first approved in 1980 and generates $228,000 per year, which represents 17 per cent of the park’s annual income
      If approved, the increase of three-tenths of a mil will generate $279,000 per year, that will be earmarked specifically for capital improvements and equipment.
      In support of the additional request, the Boardman Park Board of Commissioners (Joyce Mistovich, Trent Cailor and Ken Goldsboro) has adopted a resolution mandating that revenue generated by the increase will be strictly used for capital improvements and equipment.
      “The park’s board of commissioners adopted a master plan for the park district in 2002, and in step with that plan, the board has carefully considered necessary capital improvements and equipment requirements of the district and [has developed a plan for the future] with a total estimated cost of $3 million,” Executive Director Daniel N. Slagle Jr. said, adding the park will seek donations and grants to supplement the revenue generated by the additional three-tenths of a mil.
      According to Slagle, the renewal of the existing three-tenths mil levy will cost about $7.35/year or just two cents a day per $100,000 property valuation; and the three-tenths mil additional will cost about $10.50/year or just three cents a day per $100,000 property valuation.
      “If approved, the total cost of both issues will be $17.85/year or five cents/day per $100,000 of property valuation,” the executive director said.
      While essentially operating on a one-mil levy since it was founded in 1947, the number of park visitors has dramatically increased. The 227 contiguous acre park is now used by over 450,000 visitors per year.
      The total amount of revenue generated by tax levies is $878,868, that represents 65 per cent of the park’s annual income.
      During Slagle’s tenure, 21 capital projects have been completed, which reflects over $6 million invested in the park. The primary funding source for each of these accomplishments has been private donations and government grants. “Approximately 80 per cent of the funding for these capital improvement projects has been generated by grant monies and donations,” Slagle said.
      Boardman Park maintains 227 acres of land, including 60 acres for active recreational purposes and preserves 167 acres preserved as undisturbed natural habitat.
      In addition. Boardman Park also maintains and preserves 63 acres of greenspace at several locations in Boardman Township.
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