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  Bids Below Estimates Could Allow For Additional Road Resurfacing  
  Jaronte Dr. Resident Objects To ABC Initiatives :   June 26, 2019 Edition  
      associate editor
      Boardman Trustees listened to four people spout their concerns over surface water issues for more than an hour on Monday night before tackling their regular agenda.
      In addition, a local land owner made brief remarks over the impact of property taxes on his rental sites.
      Acting on an item on the meeting agenda, Trustees accepted bids for the 2019 road resurfacing program.
      Occupying much of the soliloquy on drainage issues was Judy Peyko, of 438 Jaronte Dr.
      Bedecked in a winter coat on an 80-degree evening, Peyko told Trustees her basement has been flooded twice in a one-year period and when repairs are made from issues stemming from heavy rainfalls on May 28, she would be homeless for a week.
      “Who is going to take me in,” Peyko queried?
      Peyko’s home, according to Boardman Township officials, has been inspected by state and federal officials, who have determined her basement floods due to sanitary sewer back-ups. The home has no sump pump and no gate valves.
      Peyko objected to initiatives begun by the ABC Water District that calls for an overall study of drainage issues in the watershed the district serves.
      Instead, Peyko suggested Boardman Township should purchase properties impacted by flooding issues, and she complained about “continuous construction” in the township impacting an “infrastructure that can’t handle it.”
      Peyko admitted she was unaware of several initiatives Boardman Township has undertaken to deal with surface water issues.
      “There is a lot of work that is going on, and has been going on for the last ten years,” Larry Moliterno, chairman of the Board of Trustees said, adding “The professionals will decide the right course of action, the right way to do this.
      “These are difficult decisions we have to make.”
      An unidentified man asked Trustees if Mahoning County government could provide assistance with drainage issues.
      “I will tell you that 60 per cent of their money comes from Boardman Township, so they should react,” Trustee Brad Calhoun said.
      Trustee Tom Costello noted that sales taxes collected by Mahoning County used to be shared among all government entities in the county.
      “[George Tablack eliminated that,” Costello said, adding “We should get some of that money...The county will not give us any of that money.”
      David Cherney, of 412 Gardenview Dr., said he owns commercial properties he rents to local businesses. One site Cherney said he bought in 1998 and paid $6,800 in property taxes.
      “Today those real estate taxes are $12,000. It’s killing me. It’s kind of tough being in business now,” Cherney said.
      Moving onto their regular agenda, Trustees accepted bids for the township’s 2019 roadway crack sealing and road resurfacing programs.
      “Both bids came well under what had been estimated, and that should allow us to resurface at least one more road this summer,” Administrator Jason Loree said.
      Bids for both programs are expected to be formally approved in two weeks.
      An expense of $14,000 was approved in a contract with Shallow Creek Kennels for the purchase as well as training for a new police dog. The dog will come on board with the Boardman Police Department in September and will be handled by Ptl. Darrryl Tallman, whose current canine partner, Sumo, will be retired.
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