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  11 Acres Of Land Donated To Boardman Park District  
  Former Site Of Local Nurseries:   September 19, 2019 Edition  
      The Board of Park Commissioners of Boardman Township Park, Joyce Mistovich, Trent Cailor and Kenneth Goldsboro announces a most generous gift of 11 acres of natural habitat and greenspace by the Board of Trustees of American Food Forest, Inc. The property is located on Hopkins Rd. and is the site of the former Kerrigan Nursery (and before than Beno’s Nursery).
      Approximately, one-third of the property is natural habitat, with the balance being greenspace that includes a variety of trees and shrubs. The generosity of American Food Forest facilitates the park’s mission to preserve areas of natural habitat and greenspace for the benefit of the community.
      The addition of the property brings the Boardman Park’s total acreage to 294 acres, with 186 acres devoted to the preservation of greenspace and natural habitat.
      “Greenspace and natural habitat provide critical environmental functions that contribute to many of life’s essentialsm, including making water clean, cleaning the air and returning oxygen to the atmosphere, and providing habitat for wildlife, biodiversity and ecological integrity. They also provide groundwater recharge areas, floodplain protection, natural sound barriers, storm water protection, and carbon uptake from abundant trees and vegetation, which keeps our living environment healthy,” Boardman Park Executive Director Dan Slagle Jr. said.
      “For example, there are approximately 825 trees on the property that was donated. These trees will intercept 275,000 gallons of stormwater each year; and will remove 140,250 pounds of atmospheric carbon,” Slagle added.
      “The Board of Trustees of American Food Forest’s gift of this highly beneficial greenspace clearly demonstrates their awareness of the importance of preserving areas of natural habitat, as well as their appreciation of the environment. Be assured that the preservation of the property is a responsibility that we will look forward to,” the park’s executive director said.
      “It is our honor and pleasure to give this land to Boardman Park…. the preservation of greenspace is an important function in keeping the environment healthy and much credit needs to be given to Boardman Park for their conscientiousness in preserving natural habitat,” said Susan Griesinger, chairman, American Food Forest.
      Boardman Park was established as a Township Park District in 1947, with 72 acres; and over the years, the Park has grown into a community park, rich in natural beauty, comprised of 294 acres of fertile greenspace located in Boardman. Today, the park provides 60 acres for active recreational purposes and proudly preserves 186 acres as greenspace and natural habitat that includes 40 acres of open space property located in several areas of the Township.
      Boardman Park is not only a sanctuary for numerous species of plants and animals, but also is a recreational haven for the community it serves, a place where families gather to enjoy one of our community’s greatest treasures, its natural resources.
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