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  19-Year-Old Boy Faces Charges In Shooting Death Of His Good Friend  
  18-Year-Old Kane Weisensee Was Shot In The Chest At 5515 West Blvd.:   February 20, 2020 Edition  
      associate editor
      A preliminary hearing was set for this week in the Boardman courtroom of Judge Joseph Houser for 19-year-old Emanuel Boyd, of 5515 West Blvd., who was charged with murder in the death of his good friend, 18-year-old Kane Wiesensee, who died from a gunshot wound to the chest from a 9mm handgun about 1:00 a.m. on Thurs., Feb. 13 at the West Blvd. home.
      According to a variety of police sources, the murder charge could be reduced to an involuntary manslaughter charge, or another lesser charge as the sources indicate the shooting is accidental.
      The weapon police believe was used in the shooting was recovered from a cardboard box in the garage of the home.
      Boyd could face charges related to possession of the gun, as he had a juvenile record that prohibited him from having a weapon.
      In addition, police are investigating to determine if the gun had been stolen during some recent home break-ins. Several sources told The Boardman News that Boyd and Wiesensee were considered suspects in those break-ins.
      One police source indicated there was a lack of “adult supervision” at the home at 5515 West Blvd. According to the Mahoning County Auditor’s Office, the home is owned by Robert Boyd, 49, (Emanuel’s father) who is presently incarcerated while awaiting trial after being indicted on Mar. 15, 2018 on charges of rape, gross sexual imposition, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance.
      The home is $4,143.76 delinquent in property taxes, according to the Auditor’s Office.
      According to a police source, Emanuel Boyd, Weisensee and his 20-year-old girlfriend were believed to be living at the home.
      Emanuel Boyd could also face an additional charge of obstruction.
      When police arrived at the West Blvd. home last Thursday, they reported that Boyd told them the shooting happened ‘up the street’ when shots were fired from a car with no lights on, as he and Weisensee were walking along West Blvd.
      That claim was disputed when Weisensee’s girlfriend said she was sitting on her boyfriend’s lap while Boyd was playing with a gun that discharged, striking Weisensee in the chest.
      Emanuel Boyd is being held on a $250,000 bond, and was reported to be on probation after his conviction on felony charges as a juvenile.
      According to the Boardman Police Department’s School Resource Officer, Ptl. Phil Merlo, he and Glenwood Middle School Principal Bart Smith went to a home at 5532 Lockwood Blvd. on Jan. 5, 2017 to check on the welfare of an eighth grade student, Emanuel Boyd’s 13-year-old sister, who had not been in school, or reported off of school for two days, and had already incurred a dozen unexcused absences for the 2016-17 academic year.
      When Merlo and Smith arrived at the home, the said they were met by 18-year-old John Ferguson, who said he had ‘just moved-in a few days ago,’ and who directed them to the girl’s brother, Emanuel ‘Manny’ Boyd,’ who was in the family room.
      “I was familiar with Emanuel from prior arrests and had information that he was recently released from court-ordered drug rehabilitation and that he had been attempting to acquire a handgun,” Officer Merlo said.
      SRO Merlo said he asked the then 16-year-old boy why he wasn’t in school, and the teen replied he had moved back with his father, Robert Boyd, on Dec. 21, 2016, and had not yet registered for school.
      The policeman said as he was speaking with Boyd, he observed an empty box of 9mm handgun ammunition on a computer desk.
      “That ain’t mine...I don’t know how that got here...I ain’t allowed no guns,” Officer Merlo said that Boyd responded, adding that police searched the home and found no weapons.
      According to Officer Merlo, Robert Boyd eventually showed-up at the Lockwood Blvd. home near noon and indicated to police that Emanuel’s younger sister “may have been with a friend” at the Traveler’s Inn, 6110 Market St. where a man named Steven Prest, 35, a registered sex offender, resided.
      When police knocked on the door of the room where they believed Boyd’s sister was, Merlo said they were met at the door by an 18-year-old male who claimed to be an eighth grade student at Center Middle School.
      “A strong smell of burnt marihuana was evident,” Officer Merlo said, adding when he asked if Boyd’s little sister was in the room, the teen stated “no,’ and when asked if he, Det. C.F. Hillman Jr. and Det. Rick Balog could check inside the room, the teen replied “no, not really...this ain’t my place.”
      At this point, Officer Merlo said he heard was sounded like someone moving around in the rear bathroom area of the room, and found the 13-year-old girl inside.
      Prest’s parole officer, identified as Dwight Paskovich, was notified of the incident.
      More than a year later, on Oct. 28, 2018, at 11:40 a.m., three Boardman police officers, Sgt. Paul Grimes, Ptl. Jamison Diglaw and Ptl. Mike Calautti were sent to 5515 West Blvd. on a call of a burglary, and where a neighbor was watching the residence due to numerous break-ins at the home.
      As police arrived, Officer Calautti said police found Prest and a 20-year-old woman identified as Kathryn Cooper “walking through the yard.”
      Prest and Cooper told police they had been invited to the home by Emanuel Boyd’s little sister and had spent the night at the house.
      This time, Robert Boyd, who was lodged in the county jail, was contacted by police and asked if anyone was allowed to be there.
      “A deputy advised that no one was to be at the house,” Officer Calautti said.
      On Nov, 9, 2018, three Boardman police officers, Ptl. David Ritz, Ptl. Shawn McClellan and Ptl. Shannon Chaffe were dispatched to 5515 West Blvd. where they spoke with Robert Boyd, who said that earlier in the morning he had been released from the county jail and upon returning to the home. He found it in deplorable condition, and that a safe in the basement had been tampered with.
      According to court records, Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge Maureen Sweeney revoked Boyd’s bond on Jan. 9, 2020 “due to defendant violating the terms of bond” and ordered him to be remanded into custody at the Mahoning County Jail with a jury trial set for Apr. 27 on charges of rape, gross sexual imposition and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.
      Emanuel Boyd and Weisensee came to the attention of Boardman police on Aug. 27, 2017 during an investigation of vandalism at 737 Havenwood Dr. where a rock had been thrown through a window. A 19-year-old male at the home said there had been arguments over a boyfriend-girlfriend situation, and identified Boyd and Weisensee as involved in the disagreement.
      The teenage resident of Havenwood said he had received messages over social media, asking him to come out of the house for an “apology.” Shortly after refusing the offer, a rock was thrown through a front window of the home, Officer Tallman said.
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