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  Neighborhood Police Patrols A Priority  
  “Our patrol officers respond to calls for service, our detectives continue to investigate cases, and our dispatchers stand ready to take your calls.”:   March 25, 2020 Edition  
      Boardman Townsip Police Chief
      The Boardman Police Department is committed to the safety of our community. We continue to actively patrol our neighborhoods and businesses in a proactive manner to deter and respond to criminal activity. Our patrol officers respond to calls for service, our detectives continue to investigate cases, and our dispatchers stand ready to take your calls.
      As every family, business, and organization in our country is doing, we are looking for ways to best navigate this pandemic. The safety and health of the public and our employees is a priority. While we have contingency plans in place, we recognize that we need to have healthy employees available to fill our critical enforcement and first responder role. We will continue to look at ways to be part of the national strategy to mitigate the risks of spreading this virus through limiting contact, while still working to do our jobs on a daily basis
      Our priority remains having uniformed officers patrolling our neighborhoods and community. Anyone breaking the law in any manner trying to take advantage of the current situation is one of our focuses. Additionally, for those criminals who think we are distracted, we will work with the Sheriff’s Department and the Courts to lock up the worst repeat offenders no matter the nature of the violations that may impact our community.
      During this time, continue to look after each other and especially those neighbors and family who are elderly, or may be more prone to victimization. Expect a different twist on frauds that seek to target people either door to door, over the phone, or through the internet. As we identify specific type of threats, whether they are financial frauds or others, we’ll work to put that information out to the public.
      As always, we appreciate everyone’s patience, cooperation, and support. Our goal is to maximize the number of officers who are on the street. To clarify, a routine call of a complaint for something like a barking dog, or an unlocked car that was entered into the night before, etc. are non-emergency complaints/reports. A suspicious person outside, someone actively involved in a crime, a fight or assault, etc. is an emergency call and you should contact us through 911. We will not hesitate to send an officer, especially several, if the situation dictates.
      Our normal and preferred practice is to take all type of reports in person either at the BPD Department lobby (for walk ins) or in person with an officer dispatched to a residence or business. However, until further notice the Police Department lobby will be closed and we’ll take reports by phone.
      Persons who come to the Police Department can use a phone in the outer lobby (8299 Market St.) that will connect to our Dispatch Center. There you will be connected directly to one of our Dispatchers. They will ask for some pertinent information and pass on your phone number to one of our officers. You will be called as soon as one of our officers are free. You can then provide the details of your complaint to the officer who will complete a report. If you call into the Dispatch Center (330-726-4144) to file a complaint or report, the dispatcher will take your contact information and again assign it to the next available officer, who will contact you to take the report. Depending on the matter, it will be assigned to a detective for further investigation and they will be in contact. If you need a copy of the report or other documentation from Boardman Police Records, we will ask to facilitate that through email, fax, or mail.
      We appreciate everyone’s patience and we’ll continue to keep providing updates. Don’t hesitate to call me directly with any questions or concerns at 330-729-2028.
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