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  Domestic Violence Call At Wagon Wheel Motel Leads To Arrest Of Pair Wanted In Morrow County  
  April 2, 2020 Edition  
     The woman had two severely bruised eyes,
      a small laceration under her left eye, a
      swollen nose and redness around her neck, left ear and wrists...She said she ‘slipped and fell’ in the shower.
      associate editor
      A 42-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were arrested on warrants issued out of Morrow County, Oh. when Boardman police responded to a early-morning call of domestic violence at the Wagon Wheel Motel, 7015 Market St.
      Police were called to the motel at 4:26 a.m. last week on Mar. 24, where Ptl. Earl Neff and Ptl. Angelo Pasquale found a woman who identified herself as 29-year-old Rashonda N. Gray, who said she had been in an argument with her live-in boyfriend whom she identified as Calvin Wilson.
      ‘Gray’ told officers that she didn’t know ‘Wilson’s’ birth date.
      Officer Neff and Sgt. Glenn Patton went to look for ‘Wilson,’ while Officer Pasquale continued to interview ‘Gray,’ noticing the woman had “two severly bruised eyes, a small laceration under her left eye, a swollen nose and redness around her neck, left ear and wrists.”
      “I began to question the female about her injuries, and she stated they occurred when she ‘slipped and fell’ in the shower,” Ptl. Pasquale said.
      ‘Gray’ then changed her story, telling the policeman that the bruising around her eyes happened on Mar. 22 about 8:00 p.m. when ‘Wilson’ and she got into an argument, during which she was punched in the face three or four times.
      ‘Gray’ then told Officer Pasquale on the night of the police call, she was getting something to eat and woke ‘Wilson’ up, angering the man, and starting an argument.
      ‘Gray’ said she ended-up on the bed, pinned-down by ‘Wilson,’ who placed a pillow over her head to squelch her screaming.
      “She further advised that as the pillow was over her face, she was struck two-to-three times with a closed fist on the left side of her face,” Ptl. Pasquale reported.
      ‘Gray’ gave Officer Pasquale consent to search her room, and in plain view, police found a pill bottle bearing the name of ‘Ian Perry.’
      ‘Gray’ told police the bottle belonged to her boyfriend’s father, Officer Pasquale said.
      While Officer Pasquale spoke with ‘Gray,’ Sgt. Patton spoke with the Kanu Patel, manager of the motel, and learned a man used the name of ‘Don Perry’ to rent the room ‘Gray’ and ‘Wilson’ shared.
      “Patel could not remember the suspect’s name, but knew it was not Calvin,” Officer Pasquale said, adding “‘Gray’ finally admitted the man who was in her room was her husband, Ian Perry.”
      And, police were able to determine hat ‘Gray’ was actually Aliea I. Perry, 35, Ian Perry’s wife.
      “Aliea said she lied about her name because she didn’t want to get Ian arrested and she did not want to get arrested,” Officer Pasquale said.
      Aliea Perry was charged with obstruction and also charged on the warrant out of Morrow County (failure to appear).
      Ian Perry could not be immediately located, but about 13 hours later, Aliea called police, saying that her husband had returned to the motel.
      When police arrived back at the motel, Aliea said Ian wasn’t there.
      Ian Perry was found by Ptl. Joseph Olinger hiding in the laundry room at the nearby Boardman Inn about 3:30 p.m. Officer Pasquale said Ian Perry has two prior convictions for domestic violence, enhancing his charge on the local arrest to a felony-3; as well as a failure to appear warrant out of Morrow County
      “It was also determined that Ian Perry is currently set for sentencing in a Mahoning County Common Pleas Court on Apr. 15 for felony possession of drugs,” Officer Pasquale added.
      Last year the Wagon Wheel was closed for several months following inspections by the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office and the Boardman Fire Department.
      Chirag Enterprises sued Boardman Township over the closure last summer, and at their Dec. 30, 2019 meeting, acting upon the advice of the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, and inspections conducted by the Boardman Fire Department, Chirag and Boardman Township Trustees closed the matter in a journal entry proferred to the court.
      “The parties agree the nuisance has been abated. The Boardman of Trustees will not proceed with the nuisance abatement order,” said the journal entry.
      Since Jan. 1, Boardman police have answered a eleven calls to the Wagon Wheel Motel, the first coming on Jan. 10 when police were told a bad check had been passed at the business.
      That same day, just after 9:00 p.m., Steven Monday, 47, who was staying in room #7, called police claiming man was causing ‘a scene’ at the Wagon Wheel. Police spoke with 43-year-old Darrell McCary, of 150 West Princeton, Youngstown, Oh., who said he owned the motel. He was transported by ambulance to Mercy Health in Youngstown.
      Police learned that Monday was wanted on a failure to appear in court warrant on charges of no driver’s license, a seat belt violation and domestic violence. He was arrested and taken to the county jail.
      On Jan. 20 at 6:41 p.m., Boardman police were called to the Wagon Wheel to deal with a domestic dispute in room #14.
      Ptl. Nicholas Brent spoke with 20-yar-old Kylee Taylor Hamilton and 38-year-old Derrick Johnson Caston.
      Caston told police there had been no fight, but his girlfriend was upset.
      “Hamilton was highly agitated, and crying, and initially refused to exit the shower,” Officer Brent said, adding she also said there had been no fight and she had “a crazy moment.”
      On Feb. 1, police were called back to the Wagon Wheel on another call of a domestic disturbance between Hamilton and Caston. Both denied there had been any violence and said they had been arguing.
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