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  Teenage Girl’s Plea For Help Results In Arrest Of Two Men At Red Roof Inn  
  April 23, 2020 Edition  
      associate editor
      Two men were taken into custody last week [on Thurs., Apr. 16] after a 17-year-old girl was found leaving the Red Roof Inn, 1051 Tiffany South Blvd., at 1:50 a.m. yelling “Help me, I am overdosing.”
      Sgt. Glenn Patton said police had received a call from a female who claimed ‘it felt like her heart stopped beating.’
      Ptl. Anthony Ciccotelli arrived at the inn first and said he found Angel Long, 17, “repeatedly grabbing her breasts and saying “It hurts, tell them [to] hurry.’”
      Officer Ciccotelli said he asked Long what she took and the teenager replied “I snorted meth laced with fentanyl.”
      While authorities were dealing with the teenager, two persons were observed leaving the inn on foot. They were stopped and questioned, as by now, six police officers were on the scene.
      One of those questioned was identified as 37-year-old Andrew Vincent Ryan, 37, unemployed, of 2 Main St., Hastings on Hudson, New York.
      Prior to being transported by ambulance to St. Elizabeth in Boardman, Long told police she had been in Ryan’s room at the Red Roof Inn.
      According to Sgt. Patton, police learned Ryan had been staying at the inn ‘for a few weeks,’ but his stay would not be extended because Ryan and another patron (in a different room) had “paid in counterfeit cash.”
      Sgt. Patton said police went to Ryan’s room where they observed a cut straw that contained suspected drug residue, as well as a suspected drug pipe in a bathroom.
      Next, police went to the second room that had reportedly been paid for with counterfeit money and knocked on the door where they were greeted by 29-year-old Andre Marquis Morgan, unemployed, as 1334 Miami St., Youngstown, Oh.
      “Morgan explained he had ‘just recently been told to go to the room and hang-out there,’ but could not say for sure whose name the room was in, but it was rented for him so he could have a ‘kind of staycation.’” Officer Patton said.
      Continuing their investigation, police then spoke with a female who claimed she was employed at the Red Roof Inn and had been staying in a room there without the knowledge of her employers.
      The woman then said she had been staying in Ryan’s room, and indicated to police she was going to leave the Red Roof Inn and find another hotel to stay at “because I am fed-up with this,” Officer Patton said.
      “When asked what ‘this’ was, she said ‘the commotion,’” Officer Patton said, noting the woman would not elaborate further.
      Police obtained search warrants for two rooms at the Red Roof Inn.
      According to Sgt. Patton, in the room where Morgan was found, under a mattress, police found “12 items to include sheets of copied or partially copied U.S. currency and paper used to make counterfeit money.”
      When police searched Morgan, they found two meth pipes on his person, Sgt. Patton said, as well as suspected methamphetamine.
      In the room in which Ryan had been staying, Sgt. Patton said police found a cut straw with suspected narcotic residue and a suspected meth pipe, as well as two cell phones.
      Morgan was booked on charges of counterfeiting, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of scheduled drugs.
      Ryan was charged with corrupting another with drugs and counterfeiting. Police confiscated $1,120 in currency from Ryan after one of the bills in his possession matched a copy of a phoney bill police had found in Morgan’s room.
      While the contingent of law enforcement was at the Red Roof, Boardman Ptl. Breanna Jones was assigned to follow-up with the 17-year-old Long at St. Elizabeth Hospital.
      “Medical personnel advised she had to be sedated due to her violent behavior, and I was unable to talk with her due to her sedated state,” Officer Jones said.
      Ptl. Jones said she did speak with Long’s mother, identified as Adelaide Crites.
      “Crites reported that her daughter has not been home since Mon., Apr. 13. Crites explained that Long was supposed to be staying with a female friend (whom she could not identify) and an unknown locating near Boardman,” Officer Jones said.
      When asked if her daughter had a boyfriend, Crites told Officer Jones, “I don’t think so.”
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