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  Police Told Stabbing Victim Was Refused Transport To Hospital  
  August 6, 2020 Edition  
      associate editor
      Boardman police are investigating a stabbing that happened Thurs., Aug. 30 at an apartment at 3976 South Schenley Ave. 25-year-old Jonathan Vigo was stabbed at least seven times, Det. Greg Stepuk, of the Boardman Police Department, told The Boardman News.
      Authorities learned about the ‘potential’ of a stabbing about 2:50 p.m. and that the victim “was not being allowed to go to the hospital” from an Austintown police officer, who in turn notified a Poland Township officer, who then contacted Boardman police.
      When police arrived at the apartment building, they said a highly-intoxicated Andrea Marusia Soto-Velazco, 31, told them that no one had been stabbed.
      A short time later, Vigo emerged from the apartment building, Ptl. Nick Newland said.
      “Vigo had visible stab wounds to his left bicep, back of his neck and left thigh,” Officer Newland said, adding the man claimed he had been stabbed by Orlando Matos-Carillo, 31, of Homewood Dr., Warren, Oh. Vigo was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown.
      Prior to police learning of the assault, Ptl. Newland said that Vigo had called a friend, stating he had been stabbed, adding that Soto-Velazco and one of her neighbors, Ahmed Raza Rajput, 23, of 3976 South Schenley Ave., #1, “did not want to take him to the hospital.”
      Ptl. Newland said when he asked if Rajut tried to take Vigo to the hospital, “Rajput said that he was going to drive Vigo to the hospital, but Soto-Velazco told him to go back to the apartment.”
      Police arrested Rajput and Soto-Velazco on a charge of obstruction and Officer Newland said once the pair were at the Boardman Police Station, “Soto-Velazco became uncooperative and confrontational with officers” and kicked Officer Newland.
      Soto-Velazco was then taken to the floor and handcuffed.
      “She urinated while still on the floor,” Officer Newland said.
      Soto-Velazco, who said she is a secretary at Six Brothers Auto Sales on Wick Ave. in Youngstown, was then lodged in the county jail on a $4500 bond.
      Rajput was booked and then released on a summons.
      The stabbing happened eight days after Soto-Velazco called police expressing concerns that she and her boyfriend, Vigo, had been threatened by her ex-boyfriend, Matos-Carillo.
      In a July 20 police report, Soto-Velazco, born in Peru, told police that Matos-Carillo was the “only” person she knew when she moved to the Mahoning Valley from Idaho.
      Soto-Velazco told Ptl. Stephen Dubos after she began dating Matos-Carillo, “he became very controlling and then emotionally abusive, and ‘two months ago’ she moved from Warren to Boardman to get away from him.”
      Shortly after she moved to South Schenley Ave., Soto-Velazco told police that “Vigo moved from New York City” and had been staying with her.
      “Matos-Carillo has harassed and threatened them ever since, sending messages such as ‘I will destroy you. I will kill you. I will kill him,’” Officer Dubos reported.
      Soto-Velazco told police on July 20, shortly before midnight, Matos-Carillo came to her apartment brandishing a knife.
      Det. Stepuk said Matos-Carillo has been arrested on a charge of felonious assault, and indications are that Vigo has gone back to New York City.custody of Boardman police by authrorites in Lordstown, after he had been arrested during a traffic stop, Boardman Ptl. Evan Beil said.
      “Matos-Carillo claimed that [Vigo] was the aggressor and [Vigo] would not show up in court to testify against him” because he “got onto a train to New York,” Officer Beil said, adding that Matos-Carillo admitted he stabbed Vigo, but it was in self defense.
      Matos-Carillo had an apparent stab wound to his right knee, Officer Beil said.
      Asked why he had not gone to a hospital in the three days since the stabbing, Matos-Carillo told Officer Beil he “was afraid he would go to jail.”
      Matos-Carillo told the policeman he had bonded Soto-Velazco out of jail and if the felonious assault charges went to court, the woman “would testify in his behalf.”
      According to Boardman police reports, after Soto-Velazco bonded out of jail, she returned to her apartment on Aug. 1 and made claims that Vigo stole her cell phone, her United States passport and $350 in cash,
      “She stated she had allowed Vigo to stay in her apartment, even though they are broken-up. She further stated she believes Vigo is heading to Orlando, Fla.,” Soto-Velazco told Ptl. Jeffrey Lytle.
      Matos-Carillo was turned over to the
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