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  School Board Approves $22,436 Payment For Title I Services For Students Who Do Not Attend Boardman Local Schools  
  Face Mask Policy Adopted:   October 8, 2020 Edition  
      associate editor
      During meetings in August and September, 2020, the Boardman Local School Board approved a variety of resolutions for programs and services, including payment of $22,436 for services to students who reside in the Boardman Local School District, but do not attend the Boardman Local Schools.
      Funds diverted from the local system for students who do not attend school in the district included $14,209.97 to Valley Christian School (charter), 4401 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, Oh; $2,991.57 to ALCD School (a private, not for profit school for children with learning difficulties in first through eighth grades; total enrollment at 55 students), 118 West Wood St., Youngstown, Oh.; and $2,991.57 to St. Christine’s School, South Schenley Ave., Youngstown, Oh. and St. Nicholas School in Struthers (both parochial schools).
      The funding was approved by the Boardman School Board through agreements with Supplemental Educational Services Inc. (SES), 3590 South Canfield-Niles Rd., Canfield, Oh.
      According to the agreement between the local board and SES, the agency will provide staff for the delivery of Title I services to “Boardman Local School District” students at the four schools.
      Title I funds are targeted to high-poverty schools and districts and used to provide educational services to students who are educationally disadvantaged or at risk of failing to meet state standards.
      Food Program Participation
      The Boardman School Board also approved an application form and participation in federal and state food services programs.
      According to the application form, for the 2018-2019 school year, the Boardman Local School District provided 171,713 total free lunches, as well as 22,622 ‘reduced price’ lunches. That qualifies the local district for an “extra 2-cents reimbursement rate,” says the application.
      Agreement With Alta Head Start
      The Boardman Board approved an agreement with Alta Head Start that will provide a classroom to the agency at Robinwood Lane Elementary School, 835 Indianola Rd. The school board said it had determined “that a portion...of Robinwood Lane is not needed at this time for its own public school purposes.”
      Alta Head Start/Early Head Start, headquartered on Wilkinson Ave., Youngstown, Oh., is a pre-school program licensed by the Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services, that is designed to improve the quality of life for children ages birth to 5-years-old and give them a ‘head start’ in education.
      Agreement With Campbell, South Range
      Under agreements with Campbell City Schools, as well as the South Range Local School District, that were approved by the Boardman Local School Board, Boardman Local School District will provide special education services to students in the Campbell and South Range systems at an estimated cost of $19,000 student.
      The services to be performed by Boardman are subject to the following conditions, according to the agreement approved by the Boardman Local School Board---
       1) The services will be performed by an intervention specialist on the staff of and employed by Boardman.
       2) The services will be performed in the classroom and community worksites for intervention services operated by Boardman.
       3) Each Campbell School District and South Range student shall be transported to and from Boardman High School.
       4) Boardman shall prepare and submit... a report of the intervention services provided and related services as delineated on the Individual Education Plans (IEP).
       5) Boardman by and through its intervention specialists and related service providers shall assess the students’ services as delineated in the IEP.
       6) Boardman shall participate in the students’ IEP and ETR meetings offering support for intervention services and related services.
      Agreement With Capstone Academy
      An agreement with Capstone Academy of the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio, located in Mantua, Oh., was approved by the Boardman Local School Board.
      The Capstone Academy program is housed within the Hattie Larlham residential facility. The non profit agency provides medical, recreational, and vocational services to children and adults with significant developmental and physical disabilities as well as profound medically fragile conditions.
      The Academy’s ‘distance learning’ program, provides, according to its contract with the Boardman School District, “the highest quality educational services possible during these unprecedented times. Ohio schools are required to follow current guidance provided from the U.S. Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Education, and consideration of best practices to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for the duration of the pandemic emergency. All schools must provide educational opportunities that meet the state required instructional hours annually. To provide these mandated academic hours, the Capstone Academy 2020/2021 distance learning plan will include a combination of remote learning and direct vices provided in the student’s residential unit at Hattie Larlham. Although the school intends to start the school year following a distance learning/direct services hybrid model, Capstone Academy will be prepared to switch to full remote learning if conditions change.”
      It adds--- “With this consideration, the Hattie Larlham COVID-19 task force has made the judicious decision to lock-down the building and quarantine all individuals onto their residential units. Only essential staff (e.g. direct care workers, nurses, therapy staff) are being permitted on the units. Parents and non-essential service providers are not permitted to have direct interactions with the children.”
      The Boardman Local School Board agreement with Captone says “Intervention Specialists will create videotaped lessons in all core areas (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) for each grade-level. The virtual lessons will support the Ohio Learning Standards – Extended for school-age students and the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards for preschool students. The Capstone Academy Paraprofessionals will assist students in accessing academic videos. Supplemental online content will be provided weekly to support the lessons.
      “The Capstone Academy Art Specialist, Massage Therapist, and Music Specialist will provide virtual lessons in Art, Adapted Physical Activity, and Music. The Hattie Larlham direct care providers will be asked to assist the students in accessing archived lessons and supplemental materials. Our program contracts with the Hattie Larlham therapy staff to provide related services. These professionals are also approved to have interactions with individuals on the living units. As per student IEPs, Occupational, Physical, Speech Language, and Massage therapies will continue to be provided through direct services to the students. Therapy staff will implement IEP goals and collect data.”
      Face Mask Policy
      In September, the Boardman Local School Board approved face mask policy. It reads---
      “During times of elevated communicable disease community spread (pandemic or epidemic), the Superintendent will issue periodic guidance through Board of Education plans/resolution(s) in alignment with public health officials and/or in accordance with government edicts and including any Pandemic Plan developed by the District’s Pandemic Response Team.
      “School settings can be a source of community spread. Wearing face masks/coverings is especially important during these times and can help mitigate the risk of exposure from person to person.
      “As such, during times of elevated communicable disease community spread, the Superintendent may activate this policy by notifying the school community, requiring all school staff, volunteers and visitors (including vendors) to wear appropriate face masks/coverings on school grounds unless it is unsafe to do so or where doing so would significantly interfere with the District’s educational or operational processes.
      “Face masks/shields will be provided by the district to employees. Alternatively, employees may elect to wear their own face coverings if they meet the requirements of this policy as well as any requirements issued by State or local health
      “In addition, the Board may require that students shall wear a face mask unless they are unable to do so for a health or developmental reason. Efforts will be made to reduce any social stigma for a student who, for medical or developmental
      reasons, cannot and should not wear a mask.
      “If face masks/coverings are required, and no exception is applicable, students shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code, and in accordance with policies of the Board
      and/or may be reassigned by the Superintendent to an online/virtual learning environment if the Superintendent determines that reassignment is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student or others.
      “During times of elevated communicable disease community spread as determined by the Board in consultation with health professionals, all students are required to wear masks while being transported on District school buses or other modes of school transportation.”
      Stipends Approved
      The Boardman Board of Education authorized stipends to be paid to the following individuals for the performance of certain business duties for the 2020-2021 school year which are in addition to their regular duties. The stipends will be paid in quarterly payments and shall be reviewed annually:
       •Matt McKenzie, $10,000; Michelle Peters, $250; Timothy Saxton, $5,000; and Robyn Triveri, $1,000.
      The school board approved stipends for employees who are members of the 2020-2021 Local Professional Development Committee. The stipends will be paid out of Title II-A funds:
       •Jared Cardillo, administrator, $750; Amy Carkido, secretary, $750; Randall Ebie, administrator, $750; Michael Gerthung, teacher, $750; Stephanie Racz, teacher, $750; and Jerry Turillo, teacher $750.
      Christopher Clones was awarded a stipend of $2,562.50 for summer additional hours of taping and editing of school productions.
      Kristin Conroy was approved as Title 1 Coordinator for the 2020-2021 school year and receive a stipend of $10,600 to be paid with Title 1 federal funds.
      Karen Kannal was approved for four quarterly payments of $2500 for supervising the After School Programs for the 2020-2021 school year. The cost will be paid from the revenue collected from those programs.
      The school board approved resolutions recognized the efforts of McKenzie, as well as Stadium Dr. teachers Beth Bean and Elizabeth Murphy.
      “The Boardman School Board would like to officially recognize Director of Buildings and Grounds Matt McKenzie and his maintenance and custodial staff for their hard work and diligence in preparing the buildings for health and safety under Covid-19 protocols.
      “They sanitized and cleaned, installed more than 400 touchless sanitizers in every classroom across six buildings, moved extra desks, chairs, and other unused items into storage and the biggest job of all, they helped set up and distribute more than 5000 pieces of plexiglass throughout our buildings.
      Beth Bean and Elizabeth Murphy spent the spring and summer in a painting project at Stadium Drive. They transformed the kindergarten hallway into a Dr. Suess storybook.
      Other hallways were also painted with uplifting messages, and other story characters. The murals are life size,and the students and staff love them. One Fish, Two Fish, the Gak and Dogs in Cars, just to mention a few.
      “The project began shortly after Covid-19
      closed all school buildings statewide (in Mar., 2020) for instruction. Mrs. Bean and Mrs. Murphy
      socially distanced as they painted….and used projectors and a lot of creativity to paint all these characters. It took all spring, and most of the summer,” the school board said.
      At their September meeting, the school board approved donations of $100 each, from BJs Restaurant and the Telischak Co. Ltd. for use at Center Intermediate School’s “Where Everyone Belongs” program.
      Worker’s Compensation
      The school board entered into a one year agreement with Tartan Benefit Services LTD., effective September 1. Tartan Benefit Services will provide assistance with Workers’ Compensation claims at a cost of $7,350 and unemployment claims at a cost of $750.
      Mentor Supplemental Contracts
      Supplemental contracts as mentors were awarded to Chad DeAngelo, Holly Gozur, Kelsie Harris, Liz Holter, Stacy Hunter, Traci O’Brian, Mary Jane Marinucci, Michele Prokop, Lisa Rucci and Megan Zimmers.
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