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 Tuesday March 2, 2021
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  Carry peace, comfort, kindness, joy, hope and love in your heart:   December 17, 2020 Edition  
      Writing with Gretta
      The Boardman News Dog
      ‘Hi Paws’ to all my friends! All of the heavenly fur-pals are gathered together to ‘Paws’ and wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Howling New Year! Each of you are in our thoughts! This past year has been one of changes and uncertainties from day to day, but we howl, for one thing is for sure, Christmas is a season that will never change! The reason for Christmas will never change! The magic of Christmas will never change! Nothing can take Christmas from our hearts!
      My heavenly fur-pals have finished decorating our Pawprints Paradise Christmas tree. It sits magnificently high atop the meadow hill, overlooking our heavenly Paradise!
      As we come together beneath our Christmas tree, our dog-sense picks up on a peaceful silence floating in the air. The vibrant bright star resting upon the treetop, shines as far as the eyes can see, reminding us of the reason for the season, the gift of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem---Its brilliant light touches our doggy-souls, shining hope, love and peace through our heavenly paradise. Its glow touches every life, as it flows throughout your homes on earth.
      Christmas is a time when we all wish to be with family and friends. Our heavenly fur-pals would love nothing more than to reunite with their fur-families.
      This year many of you will celebrate Christmas with loved ones from a distance. During the Christmas season, our hearts desire to reach out to those whom we cherish and love, and those who are less fortunate. Giving gifts to the special people who share life with us, who walk with us, care for us, and love us, is a piece of our soul. It truly is a season of offering joy, peace and love.
      This year our Paws reach out to every one of you! As many of you have had some ‘ruff’ times, we are reminded how special life is! Life is fragile! Cherish the moments you are given! Comfort others and give hope, give kindness, give love! Discover joy in each day! Grab a leash and take a walk with your fur-pal, smell the fresh air, play and laugh.
      Take the time to love those who surround you. So often, the heavenly fur-pals long for one more day to spend with our dog-parents. We long for the chance to walk with you, to sit by you, to feel your hands stroke our fur, to feel the joy of seeing you after a long day, or to receive one of those yum-yum dog treats. Stop and spend precious time with those you love.
      All of us heavenly fur-pals are howling and barking one last wish---’Paws’ and hold onto the Christmas light this year… carry peace, comfort, kindness, joy, hope, and love, in your heart, sharing with all you meet, throughout the New Year ahead. And, if you feel a strange nudge at your feet this Christmas, know that your heavenly fur-pal is right there with you.
      Happy Howl-i-days from all the heavenly fur-pals in Pawprints Paradise....
      Please give your fur-pals a Christmas treat from us!
      Our tails will be ‘awaggin....!
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