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  Boardman Park Draws More People  
  Compared to National Averages:   February 9, 2012 Edition  
     The National Parks and Recreation Association has released its 2012 National Database Report that was developed thru a national survey of 275 agencies. The survey results are categorized into generally three demographic groups: 1) Budget size 2) Jurisdiction population 3) Acres of parkland maintained.
      Boardman Park is in the following categories:
       1) Budget size: $1 million to $5 million: The Park’s Budget is $1.8 million, with $1.375 million allocated to operating costs,
       2) Jurisdiction population: 20,000 to 49,999: The population of Boardman Township is approximately 41,000,
       3) Acres of parkland maintained: 250 acres or less: Boardman Park consists of 227 acres, with 60 acres developed with recreational facilities, and the balance 167 acres preserved as natural habitat.
      According to the park’s executive director, Daniel Slagle Jr., other highlights of the data in the report, compare Boardman Township Park to other similar park and recreation agencies at the national level:
       •Median Number of Full-Time Employees {FTE} based on Budget size: National median – 22.18, Boardman Park – 10.
       •Median Number of Part-Time Employees based on Budget Size: National median – 85, Boardman Park – 16.
       •Programming attendance per FTE Program Staffing: National median – 2,115, Boardman Park - 3,140 Note – the Database refers to program staffing, Boardman Park has only one staff member dedicated to programming, for this response, the local park considered its entire 10 full-time staff.
       •Median annual attendance based on Acres Maintained 250 or less: National median – 3,292, Boardman Park – 31,050.
       •Operating expense per acre of parkland maintained based on $1 million to $5 million budget: National median - $5,288, Boardman Park - $5,514.
       •Operating expense per acre of parkland maintained based on 20,000 to 49,999 population: National median - $8,244, Boardman Park - $5,514.
       •Operating expense per acre of parkland maintained based on 250 acres or less: National median - $11,009, Boardman Park - $5,514.
       •Median number of acres of parkland maintained per FTE based Budget size $1 million to $5 million: National median – 18.5, Boardman Park – 22.7.
       •Median number of acres of parkland maintained per FTE based on less than 10 parks: National median – 13.4, Boardman Park – 22.7.
       •Median number of Acres of parkland maintained per FTE based on 250 acres or less: National median – 11.7, Boardman Park – 22.7.
      Boardman Park has operated on the same two voted tax levies for over 30 years. Last year’s its annual budget was some $1.3 million. An estimated 415,200 people visited the park last year.
      With attendance set at just 3500 people at last year’s Oktoberfest (hampered by bad weather), the largest, single event in Boardman Park last year was its annual July 4 U.S. military band concert that drew upwards of 6,000 people. Other large draws to the park last year included Boardman Rotary’s annual Maple Syrup festival where more than 1200 attended, Halloween activities that brought some 4200 people into the park, and the weekly-series Music in the Park drew an estimated 7200 people during its dozen shows.
      According to figures from the park, the district handled some 3000 reservations for its facilities last year, drawing 225,000 people to the park.
      “We have learned how to operate in an efficient and effective manner. We always have developed the park’s budget in a prudent and conservative fashion, while pursuing the mission of the park---To provide a diversity of recreational and educational opportunities in an environment that lends itself to pleasant family experiences, and to preserve areas of Natural Habitat,” Slagle said.
      “The results of the National Database Report support our belief in the popularity of the Park; however, it is this realization that gives us great satisfaction knowing how popular and efficient we are compared to other similar agencies across the country,” noted the executive director.
      “Considering the above results, the Board of Park Commissioners and its Staff are very proud and somewhat surprised of the survey results that compares Boardman Township Park to other similar agencies at the National level.
      “First and foremost, credit has to be given to the dedicated Staff, who has been instrumental in the success of the Park. It is their knowledge of the job coupled with a strong work ethic that has contributed to the efficient and effective delivery of recreational services to the community,” the executive director said.
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