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  A wonderful life, surrounded by love and kindness:   January 3, 2013 Edition  
     Happy New Year everyone!
      What a birthday party we had for Jesus up here in ‘doggy heaven.’ He was so overjoyed with our celebration. He called us over to watch the joy and happiness in giving gifts, and the love shared by all of you, and He smiled. He expressed His hopes that the Christmas spirit would remain in everyone’s heart, keeping this special feeling of giving, and sharing love and kindness with everyone, even after the holiday season was over.
      Maybe 2013 can be the year of keeping the Christmas spirit alive in everyone, all year long. Christmas is such a magical time, how wonderful it was to watch all the families and friends come together, sharing their time together, with love abound.
      Christmas was also a solemn time for me, as I missed my home, my masters and my brother Paco and sister Mia.....My first Christmas away! I saw my master received a gift of a picture of us together when we enjoyed our time by the water while camping at our favorite place at Minister Creek in the Allegheny National Forest. The picture included an inscription, “Gretta, you were a gift of joy, a treasured companion and you will never be forgotten.” I put my head in my paws and sighed at how blessed I was to have lived so long with such a loving and caring family.
      My new friends up here in doggie heaven, Rookie, Rasta and Lacey came over to me and all laid down around me. In silence we all were a comfort to each other, for we all shared the feeling of missing those who loved and cared for us on the Good Earth. Just having my new friends with me gave me strength and lifted the hair on my back!
      I looked up and noticed they brought a black lab with them. Rookie said they met her earlier in the day by the tall oak tree on the other side of the creek. She was alone and we asked here to join us. Her name is Kachina and she said even after all the years she has been in this wonderful place, that she still misses her kind master. Rasta said that Kachina spoke of the wonderful life she lived, surrounded by love and kindness, and that after she had left to come here to ‘doggy heaven,’ her master received a new puppy named Gretta. I realized Kachina and I are sisters. We enjoyed the kindness and compassion of the same master while on Earth, so we had a lot to talk about.
      We began talking about our time spent with our families. We reminisced about our lives and how quickly the time passed. We all agreed that we took for granted the days we had with our masters and families, thinking they would never end, and we’d always have each other. Lacey and Rookie agreed and here we all were wishing we could have just a little more time to spend with them...Time to chase just one more light green tennis ball, time to walk with them, time to sit with them…. Kachina said, we all seem to forget that time can never be replaced. Once it is gone we can’t get it back.
      Hearing Kachina’s wisdom, I told my friends that if we could just tell everyone in the New Year ahead to use their time wisely, spend time with those you love, treasure the time you have been given on the Good Earth, for some day it will end. Make the most of your time!
      We all have something special to give to the world around us, even if it is to just lay in the grass and comfort each other. My new friends all agreed and we turned in circles, tails and fur blowing in the wind, and we began running across the green pastures. We all knew we had been blessed and have wonderful memories, no less and new found friends here.
      “Happy New Year everyone! Tail Wags To You!”
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