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  Lanes Life Trans Approved As Sole Provider For EMS  
  January 17, 2013 Edition  
     Meeting in December, the Boardman Township Board of Trustees selected Lanes Life Trans paramedics to be the sole provider of emergency calls for the township, beginning this April.
      In June, 2012, Trustees charged Fire Chief George Brown to develop an ‘Emergency Medical Services’ (EMS) model for the township.
      Chief Brown recommended the single provider after negotiations with the Firefighter’s Local #1176 failed to produce an agreement within the fire department to provide EMS transport.
      Boardman has historically had up to three different ambulance companies making runs on emergencies in the township, and only the one had an office here.
      “Response times were allowed to be up to nine minutes and there was no guaranteed for coverage at township events and schools events. They were contracted for a fee. The 9-minute response time was not adequate,” Chief Brown said.
      “The new contract with Lanes has the company having two locations in Boardman.
      A guarantee of a 6-minute or under response time for at least 80 per cent of the time and 90 per cent of all calls within 8 minutes,” Chief Brown said of the new contract.
      Lanes will provide emergency medical dispatching, which will delegate which calls require an emergency response. This will limit risk to the travelling public and Lane’s employees.
      Under the new contract, there will be coverage at larger community and school events at no cost; and Lanes will provide a rehab unit for major fires and a tactical medical response team when requested by the police department.
      Because of the response times and emergency medical dispatch, the fire department will only be responding to life threatening emergencies and motor vehicle crashes. That policy will reduce wear and tear on fire department vehicles, saving the township money in the long run.
      Under terms of the new contract, Lanes must have at least twelve ambulances in its fleet to ensure adequate availability of service to BoardmanTownship and also verified back-up capability.
      Other proposed terms of the contract with Lanes (subject to approval from the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office include:  
       •Failure to meet certain criteria in the contract with the township will result in a four step disciplinary process to be administered by the fire chief, as follows---Step 1) A $1,000 fine payable by Lanes to the township. Step 2) A second violation within a six month period will result in a $1,500 fine payable by Lanes to the township. Step 3) A third violation within a one year period will result in a $2,500 fine. Step 4) The fourth violation within a one year period will result in termination of the agreement.
      •The fire chief may waive discipline for justifiable reasons, such as natural disasters, snow storms, or other prevailing reasons. All fines must be paid within 10 business days upon the provider being notified of the violation and any failure of non-payment may result in immediate termination of the agreement.
       •If Lanes determines that the call requires a fire department response, the private company’s dispatcher shall immediately contact the Boardman Township dispatcher and give the call information.
       •Lanes shall handle all lift assists. In those instances where their crews need additional assistance, assistance may be requested from the fire department.
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