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  Easter Message:   March 28, 2013 Edition  
     This has been a different week! By different I mean there is a stillness in the air, there is a sense of tranquility, all the dogs and cats are somber, less energetic, just quietly in thought.
      It is Holy Week, and we are all slowly gathering together at the far end of the meadow. I peer around the meadow and thousands have come and have laid down in silence. There is a peace, a beauty that surrounds us. We are all a family, all the different breeds of dogs, all the cats, we are being drawn together as one, in complete harmony, no barks, no purrs.....just silence!
      A few steps ahead of me I noticed my friends---Kachina, Ty, Rasta, Lacey, Squeeky and Lucky all lying together in a small group. Right after I laid down alongside Lucky, I felt a nudge as Rasta came over to lay beside me.
      “What is everyone gathering here for.” he asked? I replied, “it’s a feeling within, we just know to come.”
      In silence as we lay amongst all who have come together, and suddenly a bright shining light appeared, surrounding a shadow of a man. As we all focused on the figure, we soon recognized the man, it is Jesus! A feeling of complete inner peace fills each of us here! The wind is silent, the trees are still, the streams flow quietly and gently behind us!
      Our minds and souls are focused on Him. No worries, no fears, no hurts, they are vanished from our memories. The unkind things we may have said to another, an unfriendly bite, a jealous feeling toward a brother or sister, greed over a bone, chasing the cats, chewing my masters shoes, all are erased. We are at peace, within ourselves and with those around us!
      Jesus raised His arms. He stretched them wide, like an open gate. He smiled lovingly as he glanced around at all of us gathered here! No words were spoken! No words are needed! We all were overcome with a sense that we are all loved, we are all forgiven, we are all welcome and we are all home!
      We put our heads between our paws, closed our eyes, took a slow deep contented sigh, yes….He is Risen! … our tails were a waggin!
      Gretta was a Golden Retriever.
      She spent most every weekday for
      15 years at The Boardman News,
      greeting all who entered with a wag
      of her tail! She died in Nov., 2012.
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