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  Let Us Find Peace:   April 25, 2013 Edition  
     Good day my friends! The view from up here in ‘doggy heaven’ this past week has been very disturbing, as we watched the violence against innocent people, in Boston. It is so hard to comprehend why there is such cruelty against others. It warmed my soul, to see ‘good’ rise up over all the pain, as people stopped and reached out to help with love and care. We are offered so many blessings, I just don’t understand why we can not love one another unconditionally. My world here in heaven, oh is such a beautiful place, with no turmoil, no cruelty, all the dogs and cats treat each other with grace and respect. Could it ever be this way on earth? I wish all of you could experience this serene world here, to see it and feel it, and carrying it home with you, showing those around you….. our greatest sermon is not in what we say, it is shown through our actions.
      I think I’ll go down to the creek and take a walk in the water. There is something about putting my paws in the cool water, and listening to the peaceful sounds, as the water flows gently over the small rocks, that sends a feeling of rejuvenation throughout my body. Nature is a beautiful gift, which God created and graciously gave to each of us. It surrounds us each and every day, wherever we go. It costs us nothing. It asks for nothing in return. It’s a therapist, a stress reliever. It refreshes us, gives us strength, gives us peace, and with no drugs or alcohol required, to feel good. It’s a gift that will last until the end of time. Up here in ‘doggy heaven’, I’m surrounded by a world of nature. No buildings, no cars, no streets, nothing but the fur on my back, just beauty that never ends. Mmmmm, it is heavenly!
      Oh here comes some of my heavenly pals! Lucky and Squeeky, a couple of my cat pals, who are chasing butterflies as they follow a few of my dog pals, Rasta, Kachina, Lacey and Ty. My paws are starting to shrivel some, so I shake my body, and prance over, meeting them on the bank of the creek. We greet each other, and kind of plop down as us dogs often seem to do. We all agree that we each take a moment and say a prayer for the Boston victims and their loved ones, and also pray to help people ‘find the way’ to end violence and unnecessary pain, and to experience true peace and joy that is available to each of us. We raised our heads, stood up, hi-pawed each other and began running up the hill…..our tails waggin!
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