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  Gretta Knows ... A New Season  
  September 5, 2013 Edition  
      Hello my friends! We have all been scurrying around running from one place to another watching all the families get together for Labor Day! It is so enjoyable to see everyone enjoy the day with picnics, games, swimming etc. It brings back many happy memories of how we use to be a part of the holiday, being with our masters and their families, chasing balls, frisbees, swimming and even getting a little forbidden table food snuck under the table! Those were some of the best times!
      Lucky and Squeeky, a cat duo that have become heavenly friends, are running when they see Remington and Reuger, two labs who became reunited at the Rainbow Bridge, and have not left each others sides since. The four of them continue on running through the meadow when they come upon Rasta and Kachina, dog acquaintances of mine from my hometown. Lucky meows, “there’s Gretta, c’mon lets go say hi.”
      They run towards me and as we meet our bodies shake and squirm with happiness. What wonderful friends we all have become. Reuger says,”what a glorious day, watching all the families and friends spending time together”. Lucky says, “no matter how busy our lives may be or how much life throws our way, the holidays bring families and friends together.” Squeeky adds, “just like us, we all meet and are so blessed to have each other.”
      Remington barks, “yes, but with Labor Day passing that means summer is coming to an end, school will begin, and football has started! Another season has passed”. Kachina barks in, “but a new season is beginning. Think of all the new possibilities that are ahead.” “But it can be scary starting something new! At school the pressure to fit in causes fear, or being afraid of making a bad play on the football field”, Rasta howls out!
      “We all need reminded to believe in ourselves, in the gifts that God gave each of us. No two of us are alike. We are each special in our own way. We just have to do our best! Some of us are big dogs, some of us are even cats, some of us can jump and catch a frisbee in the air, some of us are great breeds, and some of us are mixed breeds. We didn’t get to doggy heaven on our looks, or for the tricks we could do... we got here because we sat at our masters feet to comfort them, brought a smile to their faces when they came home, always walked by their sides, listened for hours as they told us their troubles, went to bed when they were tired so they felt protected and secure and gave them unconditional love and devotion.”
      We all stood side by side, and said a little prayer asking God to .... Please watch over all the children as they return to school, giving them the strength to believe in themselves, and to remind them that they are special and to be proud of the gifts that You have given to each of them. Help them to treat others in a kind way, and embrace each new season in life. We all barked Amen, and off we went, walking with our tails waggin!
      Gretta, a Golden Retriever, spent almost 15 years at The Boardman News. She greeted all who entered with a wag of her tail! She died in November of 2012.
      Send your animal tributes/stories to: The Boardman News, 8302 Southern Blvd., S2A, Boardman, OH 44512 or
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