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  July 9, 2015 Edition  
      RESOLUTION #15-07-01-10
      The Board of Trustees of Boardman Township, Mahoning County, Ohio met in Regular Session at the Boardman Township Government Center on the first day of July, 2015, with the following members present: Thomas P. Costello, Brad Calhoun, and Larry Moliterno.
      Moved by Mr. Larry Moliterno to approve and adopt Resolution #15-07-01-10 as follows:
      WHEREAS, the Boardman Township Board of Trustees approved a Resolution on June 23, 1993, establishing a Parking Violations Bureau and adopting non-criminal parking infraction violations pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §505.17 and Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4521; and
      WHEREAS, Ohio Revised Code §505.17 authorizes the Board of Township Trustees to make regulations and orders as are necessary to control all vehicle parking in the unincorporated areas of the Township; and
      WHEREAS, Boardman Township desires to provide access to properties by public safety vehicles and equipment and to protect the integrity of the Township through the regulation of parking on grass portions of residential property which is necessary for the general health, safety and welfare of the general public;
      NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Boardman Township Board of Trustees pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §505.17, that no person shall stand or park a vehicle, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or to comply with the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, or while obeying the directions of a police officer or a traffic control device, in any of the following places:
      In the front yard or side yard on a residential lot on the grass, between the curb line and the principal structure of any residential property. Residential parking is permitted only on hard paved surfaces of driveways or parking spaces such as gravel, asphalt, or concrete. Except in the case of special events, including but not limited to graduations, open houses, family picnics and social events, when the non-grass portion of the residential driveway cannot accommodate the number of vehicles attending such event and that such parking shall be limited to the duration of the event, but not to exceed twelve (12) hours.
      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Boardman Township established a Parking Violations Bureau pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4521. Violations of this Resolution shall not be considered criminal offenses and shall be handled pursuant to Chapter 4521 of the Revised Code. Fines levied and collected under this section shall be paid into the Township General Revenue Fund.
      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution will be known as “Code #1.20 Parking on grass of residential lot” and is hereby an addition to the Resolution enacted on June 23, 1993, establishing the Parking Violations Bureau and non-criminal parking infraction violations pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §505.17 and Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4521.
      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §505.17(B)(1), this Resolution established by the Board of Trustees shall be posted by the Township Fiscal Officer in five conspicuous public places in the Township for thirty days before becoming effective, and shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Township for three consecutive weeks.
      Mr. Thomas P. Costello seconded the motion to approve Resolution #15 -07-01-10.
      The Roll Call resulted as follows:
      Thomas P. Costello AYE
      Larry Moliterno AYE
      Brad Calhoun AYE
      By Order of the Boardman Township Trustees:
      Thomas P. Costello, Trustee
      Larry Moliterno, Trustee
      Brad Calhoun, Trustee
      William D. Leicht, Fiscal Officer
      I, William D. Leicht, Boardman Township Fiscal Officer, do hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution is taken from the Minutes of Boardman Township at a meeting duly-held on July, 1, 2015, that the same has been compared by me with the original Resolution of said Minutes, and that said Resolution is a true and correct copy thereof.
      William D. Leicht, Fiscal Officer
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