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  Boardman’s Mike Mannozzi Keeps His Olympic Race Walking Hopes Alive  
  February 8, 2018 Edition  
     Coming back from a year-long lingering injury, race-walker Mike Mannozzi, of Boardman, was disqualified in the 1-mile race-walk at last weekend’s 111th Millrose Games at the New Balance Track and Field Centre at the Armory in Manhattan, New York.
      Mannozzi got the DSQ for loss of contact on the oval called by three different judges.
      “This experience is progress for me because I learned that I after a lingering injury for nine months and only 28 days of race walk training leading up to the race I pushed hard, as we all do at the big meets but I went too hard and fast for my fitness level and ability to maintain form,” Mannozzi, the underdog champion in 2012 Millrose Games said.
      “I took a hit on the chin, but redeemed myself,” Mannozzi said, noting he competed in the USATF Connecticut Association Indoor Championships in New Haven, Conn. less than 24 hours after the Millrose race.
      “Millrose champion, Nick Christie (current best time in the US for the 50k in 2018) had encouraged me a week prior to join he and two other USA team athletes in Connecticut. I did and was the third male finisher behind Christie and Emmanuel Corvera, the Millrose runner-up). I had no red cards and what is significant about this is that two of the three judges who carded me less than one day prior were judging this event as well,” he added.
      Aiding the local race-walker were Nick and Katie Burnett ( The US record holder in the women’s 50k race walk).
      “Both pointed out tightness in my left quad while we warmed-up. I had help to immediately address it and it changed my entire race. Their sportsmanship was most commendable,” Mannozzi said.
      On Fri. January 27, Mannozzi finished 6th in a field of 14 competitors, walking 13.52 for 3,000 meters at the Findlay Classic in Findlay, Oh.
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