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  Spartan Ethan DunLany Captures 500-Free Sectional Swimming Title  
  Boardman Qualifies 18 Tankers For District Meet:   February 18, 2021 Edition  
Ethan DunLany
     The Boardman Spartan Swim and Dive Team qualified 18 athletes to compete in the 2021 Northeast District Division I High School Swimming and Diving Championships in Geneva, Oh.
      15 swimmers and three divers will represent the Spartans at the Spire Institute in Geneva. Divers will compete on Thursday and the swimmers will compete on Saturday with the goal of qualifying for the state meet the following weekend in Canton. Only 24 athletes across the state will qualify per event for the Ohio State Swimming Championships.
      The Boardman boy’s swim team competed in the Division 1 Sectional Championships at Wooster High School last week. Sophomore Ethan DunLany earned sectional championship honors in the 500 freestyle with a first place time of 5:00.07.
      “Our young team of guys swam solid races and were really aggressive in the water. We were incredibly proud with how hard they attacked their events and with the amount of time they were dropping. Their hard work has paid off...we were able to qualify 11 boys and all three relays. Now we get to taper our boys and see what they can do,” Coach Carlo Cordon said.
      Boys Sectional Results
      [LB=Personal Best: QU=District Qualifier]
       200 Medley Relays: Justin Yocum, Jackson Behun, Owen Lee, Carter Cailor 8th 1:46.03 QU
       200 Freestyle: Ethan DunLany 7th (1:52.10) LB QU, Owen Lee 12th (1:57.52) LB, Liam Manley 17th (2:01.25) LB, Matthew Vasko 22nd (2:11.03) LB
       200 Individual Medley: Caleb Satterfield 2nd (2:03.97) QU, Siman Mascola 5th (2:05.83) LB QU, Andrew Yocum 17th (2:15.45) LB, Aaron Hura 33rd (2:49.46) LB
       50 Freestyle: Landon Mitchell 27th (24.86) LB, Ethan Boots 33rd (25.29) LB, Luca Bounamici 38th (26.59) LB, Sam Bundy 41st (27.75) LB
       1 Meter Diving (11 Dives): Teddy Anzevino 4th (402.10) QU, Samuel DeJoseph 5th (393.40) QU, Caleb Austin 8th (195.10) QU
       100 Butterfly: Owen Lee 6th (56.44) LB QU, Justin Yocum 13th (58.29) LB, Landon Mitchell 14th (58.45) LB, Liam Manley 29th (1:04.13).
       100 Freestyle: Siman Mascola 9th (51.10) LB QU, Jackson Behun 17th (53.87) LB, Ethan Boots 30th (59.17) LB, Ethan Slick 36th (1:04.87) LB
       500 Freestyle: Ethan DunLany 1st Sectional Champ (5:00.07) QU, Carter Cailor 4th (5:05.50) QU, William Parker 17th (5:55.01) LB, Matthew Vasko 18th (6:04.63) LB
       200 Freestyle Relays: Siman Mascola, Carter Cailor, Ethan DunLany, Caleb Satterfield 6th (1:34.62) QU
       100 Backstroke: Andrew Yocum 10th (59.56) LB QU, Justin Yocum 11th (1:00.06) LB QU, Carter Cailor 12th (1:01.58) QU, William Parker 21st (1:07.72).
       100 Breaststroke: Caleb Satterfield 9th (1:03.70) QU, Jackson Behun 15th (1:09.21) LB, Ethan Slick 27th (1:16.49), Luca Buonamici 30th (1:22.49)
       400 Free Relays: Siman Mascola, Justin Yocum, Ethan DunLany, Caleb Satterfield 5th (3:29.19) QU
      Girls Sectional Results
      200 Medley Relay Ella Huston, Julia Basista, Alexis Mihok, Hayley Ho 5th (1:55.29) QU
      200 Freestyle: Alexis Mihok 4th (2:00.12) QU, Maddie Mraz 27th (2:19.65) LB, Sam Murray 32nd (2:27.49) LB, Morgan Auck 36th (2:32.29) LB
      200 Individual Medley: Julia Basista 8th (2:24.63) LB QU, Morgan Russo 15th (2:33.03) LB, Madison Kelso 20th (2:43.09) LB, Ireland Parker 21st (2:48.26) LB
      50 Freestyle: Hayley Ho 13th (26.23) LB QU, Morgan Auck 26th (28.19) LB, MacKenzie Kelso 36th (30.30) LB, Lacie Dray 42nd (32.14) LB
      1 Meter Diving (11 Dives): Leah Boerio 15th (243.40), Ava Bosnjak 16th (218.85)
      100 Butterfly: Ella Huston 11th (1:05.75) QU, Madison Kelso 22nd (1:14.16) LB, Cadence Vlaiku 30th (1:18.57) LB, MacKenzie Kelso 31st (1:18.74) LB
      100 Freestyle: Alexis Mihok 10th (55.73) QU, Casey Wert 21st (58.84) LB QU, Allyson Schwendeman 26th (1:00.02) LB, Morgan Russo 34th (1:01.86) LB
      500 Freestyle: Casey Wert 20th (6:02.47) LB, Sam Murray 27th (6:35.85) LB, Olivia Pickens 29th (6:38.99), Cadence Vlaiku 34th (6:57.61)
      100 Backstroke: Ella Huston 8th (1:03.98) LB QU, Allyson Schwendeman 14th (1:06.87) LB QU, Ireland Parker 23rd (1:12.77) LB, Erin Giampietro 32nd (1:21.25) LB
      100 Breaststroke: Julia Basista 7th (1:11.74) QU, Hayley Ho 14th (1:14.36) QU, Maddie Mraz 18th (1:16.51) LB, Olivia Pickens 30th (1:26.21)
      400 Free Relays: Morgan Russo, Julia Basista, Casey Wert, Allyson Schwendeman 7th (4:00.30) QU.
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