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 Friday July 23, 2021
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  24-Year-Old Man Shot During Encounter With Police Officer  
  July 15, 2021 Edition  
     A 24-year-old man was shot and wounded by a Boardman police officer early Tuesday morning on South Ave., near Mathews Rd.
      About 12:40 a.m., the officer saw a man wearing a trench coat and carrying a baseball bat while riding a bicycle along South Ave. near Mathews Rd. The officer stopped to speak with the man, and sources indicate the man came towards the officer.
      “I will be out with a male with a baseball bat,” the officer informed police dispatch. Moments later he requested a back-up and within 30 seconds, he announced ‘shots fired, man down.’
      The officer immediately went to provide life-saving measures to the man, as 14 police officers converged on the scene. The suspect reportedly brandished a knife and four knives were seized as evidence.
      Damian Cessna, 24, of 7059 West Blvd., #187, was transported to a medical facility within 14 minutes, He is charged with felonious assault.
      According to his Facebook page, Cessna is a graduate of Boardman High School and is employed as a stage set-up worker at Skull’Rz Bane band.
      Several police sources indicate
      His Facebook page notes---
       •About Damian: “Never give up. even when im down or depressed and say im giving up dont believe like most my freinds do a few that know me best know that i am unable to give and if i want something in life ill swear up and down im giving up but as soon as i get another chance im trying again even if i dont want to keep trying just because i want to accomplish it or die trying even though i say its hopeless im still trying again and to be honest not even i know why i keep trying against it all, but i do know something keeps me trying i just dont know what yet...”
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