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 Monday October 18, 2021
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  Three Serious Accidents At Intersection Since 2014 Factor In ODOT Decision To Spend $1.5 Million To Close Roadway  
  Trustees, Residents To Oppose Project:   October 7, 2021 Edition  
     Residents of the Forest Glen neighborhood who are members of the Forest Glen Homeowners Association and the Boardman of Boardman Township Trustees agreed they will oppose proposed changes to the intersection of Market St. at Shields and Brookwood Rds.
      Meeting last week, Trustees Tom Costello, Brad Calhoun and Larry Moliterno unanimously voted to oppose the changes as proposed by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).
      The state agency, in part, says because there have been 76 traffic accidents at the intersection (only three with serious injury) since Jan., 2014, it wants to spend about $1.5 million to close down Brookwood Rd. at the intersection of Market St. and create a cul-de-sac there.
      ODOT says “the improvements will address high crash frequencies.”
      But the Forest Glen Homeowners Association says the proposed changes “will not directly solve the safety issues claimed by ODOT.”
      About 30 members of the association addressed Trustees last week in opposition to the project, saying it will “increase traffic significantly...especially on Forest Hill Rd., Mill Creek Dr. and Newport Dr., streets that were not designed to handle significant traffic.
      “Significant pedestrian traffic, including young children in the neighborhood, would be at greater risk of injury by vehicle.”
      ODOT says the proposed project “Will modify access for some properties on Market St. and Brookwood Rd.” and the agency would require ‘property takes’ from some properties, including Hospice of the Valley and a gas station at the intersection of Indianloa Rd. and Market St.
      “A representative from the Real Estate Department will be in contact with affected property owners beginning Jan., 2022,” ODOT said.
      In a Sept. 21 letter to ODOT, Boardman Township Administrator Jason Loree said that township officials “received numerous complaint from residents concerned about increased neighborhood traffic if Brookwood Rd. is removed from the intersection.”
      Loree said that “constructing a cul-de-sac on Brookwood Rd. will increase traffic on Boardman Township maintained roads, [including] LeMans Dr., Mill Creek Dr. and Forest Hill Rd.”
      Addressing those at the township meeting, Trustee Calhoun said “There’s a hundred reasons were are against it (the proposed changes).”
      Calhoun called for ODOT to hold a public forum on the matter, saying to the Glen residents “They need to hear from you...You have a solution that maybe they didn’t have. We can try and facilitate that.”
      He added, “A better option is to abandon the entire project.”
      Trustee Costello told Glen residents “We will partner with you. We are against it.”
      Trustee Larry Moliterno suggested “We can reach out to State Rep. Al Cutrona on this matter.”
      Two days after last week’s meeting, Administrator Loree sent another letter to ODOT noting about 30 residents of the Glen spoke in opposition to the proposed closing of thru traffic on Brookwood Rd. and the construction of a cul-de-sac.
      “The concern is that traffic will be directed into the historic Glen neighborhood,” adding The Board of Boardman Township Trustees also wants to reiterate that the township is not, and has never been in support of this project.
      “The removal of Brookwood Rd. access from the intersection at Market St. will cause delays for our police and fire safety services and will place our residents in jeopardy.
      “Boardman Township can only support a ‘no build’ option, or an option that would relocated Brookwood Rd. to the north.”
      In 1997 the Ohio Historic Preservation Office named Forest Glen Estates as an Ohio Historic District. And in 1998, the United States Department of the Interior added the neighborhood district and each of its eligible homes to the National Register of Historic Places.
      Forest Glen Estates is an early 20th century planned residential subdivision of approximately 130 acres. Development began in 1923, and installation of streets and landscaping was completed by 1931. Because the neighborhood abuts the Lake Newport area of Mill Creek Park, the Forest Glen Estates development plan followed the urban and park design initiated by renowned landscape architect Warren Manning, who was then under contract with the Mill Creek Park Board of Commissioners.
      Members of the current Forest Glen Home Owners Association wish to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood, as it was originally developed.
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