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 Friday May 17, 2024
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  Boardman Mat Team 2-3 At Austintown Duals  
  Sean O’Horo Sets Career Mark For Most Wins:   January 13, 2022 Edition  
     Boardman went 2-3 at the Austintown Fitch Duals last week to move to 9-6 on the season.
      Highlighting the meet for the Spartans was senior Sean O’Horo, who went 5-0 and notched his 144th career win to broke the school record for most wins in a career.
      “He has plenty of season left to win another 20 matches. He was a highly successful wrestler entering Boardman as a OAC junior high state runner up. Currently, Sean is ranked 9th in the state in Div 1. He has one goal and that gears toward the state tournament,” Head Coach Dom Mancini said.
      O’Horo is now 19-0 on the season.
      Several Spartans stepped-up over the weekend and won at least three matches including Willy Rankin 11-7 (113 lbs), Max Switka 11-8 (126 lbs), Ashton LaBelle 12-3 (144 lbs), Peyton Switka 10-6 (165 lbs), Matt Beil 4-8 (215 lbs).
      “The Switka brothers are gritty and have a lot of room for improvement,” Mancini said.
      Ashton LaBelle dropped two matches to tough opponents after being out for two weeks.
      “The team wrestled well despite going 2-3 with tough competition,” Mancini said
      Results Follow:
      BOARDMAN (BOAR) 30.0
      106: Christian Osborne (SVSM) over Frank Quinlan (BOAR) (Fall 1:24) 113: Willy Rankin III (BOAR) over (SVSM) (For.) 120: Patrick Witschey (SVSM) over Sloan McNally (BOAR) (Fall 3:26) 126: Max Switka (BOAR) over (SVSM) (For.) 132: Braden Dunlap (SVSM) over Christopher Beeman (BOAR) (Fall 1:30) 138: Andrew Swanson (BOAR) over Anthony John Paul (SVSM) (Fall 2:29) 144: Elliot Alessia (SVSM) over Ashton Labelle (BOAR) (Dec 5-3) 150: Mason Gruic (SVSM) over Jacob Boyles (BOAR) (Fall 2:45) 157: Calvin Gwinn (SVSM) over (BOAR) (For.) 165: Peyton Switka (BOAR) over (SVSM) (For.) 175: Sean O`Horo (BOAR) over Ryan Price (SVSM) (Fall 1:15) 190: Jacob Heath (SVSM) over Ethan MCCutcheon (BOAR) (Fall 5:20) 215: Bryson Getz (SVSM) over Matt Beil (BOAR) (Fall 1:10) 285: Andy Vanscoy (SVSM) over James Gatewood (BOAR) (Fall 3:25)
      BOARDMAN (BOAR) 20.0
      113: Willy Rankin III (BOAR) over Damien Gerthung (AUFI) (Fall 1:03) 120: Jacob Ferguson (AUFI) over (BOAR) (For.) 126: Max Switka (BOAR) over Caiden Gasior (AUFI) (Fall 3:18) 132: Authur Croom (AUFI) over Christopher Beeman (BOAR) (Fall 4:17) 138: Rocco DiFlorio (AUFI) over Andrew Swanson (BOAR) (Dec 14-9) 144: David Shannon (AUFI) over Ashton Labelle (BOAR) (Dec 3-0) 150: Aric Smith (AUFI) over Jacob Boyles (BOAR) (Fall 1:36) 157: Clayton Marcum (AUFI) over (BOAR) (For.) 165: Tyler Lintner (AUFI) over (BOAR) (For.) 175: Devin Phillips (AUFI) over Peyton Switka (BOAR) (Dec 6-4) 190: Sean O`Horo (BOAR) over Dom Zemko (AUFI) (MD 11-0) 215: Peyton Quarles (AUFI) over Ethan MCCutcheon (BOAR) (Fall 0:25) 285: Joshua Fitzgerald (AUFI) over James Gatewood (BOAR) (Fall 0:33) 106: Frank Quinlan (BOAR) over Skye Jones (AUFI) (MD 21-9)
      BOARDMAN (BOAR) 48.0
      HUBBARD (HUBB) 27.0
      120: Sloan McNally (BOAR) over Kaylee Schultz (HUBB) (Fall 1:04) 126: Max Switka (BOAR) over Emily Flynn (HUBB) (Fall 0:49) 132: Christopher Beeman (BOAR) over Aiden Lehman (HUBB) (Fall 2:55) 138: Noah Adamson (HUBB) over Andrew Swanson (BOAR) (Dec 7-4) 144: Ashton Labelle (BOAR) over Hunter Shaffer (HUBB) (Fall 0:36) 150: Jacob Boyles (BOAR) over Benjamin Logan (HUBB) (Fall 1:32) 157: Double Forfeit 165: Peyton Switka (BOAR) over Joseph Komlanc (HUBB) (Fall 2:50) 175: Sean O`Horo (BOAR) over Alan McCarthy (HUBB) (Fall 1:45) 190: Joe Hamm (HUBB) over Ethan MCCutcheon (BOAR) (Fall 1:24) 215: Matt Beil (BOAR) over (HUBB) (For.) 285: Nick Bowser (HUBB) over James Gatewood (BOAR) (Fall 0:29) 106: Bradyn Balla (HUBB) over Frank Quinlan (BOAR) (Fall 0:32) 113: Ej McCarthy (HUBB) over Willy Rankin III (BOAR) (Fall 2:47)
      LOUISVILLE (LOUI) 66.0
      BOARDMAN (BOAR) 13.0
      126: Dylan Rhoads (LOUI) over Max Switka (BOAR) (Fall 0:50) 132: Pablo Castro (LOUI) over Christopher Beeman (BOAR) (Fall 1:12) 138: Dominic Hoffarth (LOUI) over Andrew Swanson (BOAR) (Fall 1:02) 144: Ashton Labelle (BOAR) over Josiah Walker (LOUI) (Dec 7-0) 150: Wyatt Smith (LOUI) over Jacob Boyles (BOAR) (Fall 3:01) 157: Jude Yeager (LOUI) over (BOAR) (For.) 165: Brenden Severs (LOUI) over Peyton Switka (BOAR) (Fall 1:00) 175: Sean O`Horo (BOAR) over Noah Peterson (LOUI) (MD 11-2) 190: Blake Schaffer (LOUI) over Ethan MCCutcheon (BOAR) (Fall 1:29) 215: Matt Beil (BOAR) over (LOUI) (For.) 285: Cameron Brazek (LOUI) over James Gatewood (BOAR) (Fall 0:24) 106: Lacey Harvey (LOUI) over Frank Quinlan (BOAR) (Fall 1:45) 113: Kolten Barker (LOUI) over Willy Rankin III (BOAR) (Fall 1:23) 120: Connor Novosel (LOUI) over (BOAR) (For.)
      BOARDMAN (BOAR) 57.0
      HOWLAND (HOWL) 24.0
      132: Christopher Beeman (BOAR) over Madison Burns (HOWL) (Fall 0:50) 138: Rian Spangler (HOWL) over Santino Slipkovich (BOAR) (Fall 4:28) 144: Andrew Swanson (BOAR) over Syrus Wright (HOWL) (Fall 5:15) 150: Ashton Labelle (BOAR) over Carter Mock (HOWL) (Dec 5-3) 157: Jacob Boyles (BOAR) over Arison Wayt (HOWL) (Fall 1:36) 165: Peyton Switka (BOAR) over Francis Gajski (HOWL) (Fall 5:03) 175: Sean O`Horo (BOAR) over Christopher Mijavec (HOWL) (Fall 1:20) 190: Ethan MCCutcheon (BOAR) over John Adam (HOWL) (Fall 0:54) 215: Matt Beil (BOAR) over (HOWL) (For.) 285: Garrett Corley (HOWL) over James Gatewood (BOAR) (Fall 3:36) 106: Frank Quinlan (BOAR) over (HOWL) (For.) 113: Willy Rankin III (BOAR) over Zion Heller (HOWL) (Fall 1:41) 120: Dakota IronCloud (HOWL) over Sloan McNally (BOAR) (Fall 2:39) 126: Adam Heckman (HOWL) over Max Switka (BOAR) (DQ)
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