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  Fr. Philip Rogers Will Leave St. Charles Parish In Boardman  
  Appointed Pastor At Christ Our Savior In Struthers:   August 4, 2022 Edition  
     Fr. Philip Rogers, who has served a pastor at St. Charles Church in Boardman since Nov., 2007, has been appointed a pastor at Christ Our Savior in Struthers, Oh.
      In a message to members of St. Charles, Ft. Rogers said he thought he would complete his ministerial years at St. Charles and ride of into the sunset, “but I have been asked to do something else and I will give it my best.”
      Fr. Rogers noted “Fifteen years ago I came to St. Charles and I am most grateful that I was open to what was then a new assignment for me. I have had the privilege and the pleasure of serving the people of this parish and I am most thankful for all those years. Each and every day has not always been fun, but no job ever is and through it all I have received great encouragement and support from this parish of St. Charles.”
      Fr. Rogers said his replacement will be named soon.
      During His Tenure
      •In 2008, the parish wanted to honor the church’s late pastor, Fr. Daniel Venglarik by erecting a bell tower in his name. A memorial fund began and was to be built solely on donations. The fund garnished over $87,850 and the monies that exceeded the actual cost of construction and installation was used to assure upkeep and landscaping around the memorial.
      •A new parish sign was also erected in front of the church on State Route 224.
      •In 2009, a massive change occurred at St. Charles School. After 57 years of St. Charles School, the first lay-person was hired as school principal. The principal at the time, Sr. Mary Alyce Koval retired as the school principal and Mary Welsh was hired.
      •In 2013, the pews and kneelers in the sanctuary were reupholstered and refinished along with the installation of new carpet. The pews were changed from a maroon/red color to a light green. The floor/carpeting was also changed, the carpet originally was a maroon/white combination, which was changed to plain maroon carpet squares, while the aisle and the gathering space carpet were changed to a green/maroon/white paisley combination.
      •In 2014, the modular classrooms at St. Charles School that were installed in during 1997 were taken down and sold to Youngstown Christian School.
      •Following a harsh winter in 2015 the parish needed a new roof. After much planning, surveying and meetings, a new campaign was needed to pay for it. The “Raise the Roof Campaign” began in September, 2015. The cost of the roof was over $1.2 million. The original cement roof tiles were replaced with asphalt roof shingles and the project was completed in 2017.
      •The parish convent originally purchased in 1987 was sold in 2018.
      •At the beginning of 2020, the parish purchased a house on Westview Dr. as the new permanent pastor residence. The parish rectory building, due to its severe deterioration and age, was eventually torn down in the spring, 2021.
      •Many ministries have been created during Fr. Roger’s time as Pastor, including, Community Meal, Graceful Hands, Rosary Makers, Ladies Who Dine, and the rosary being recited before Saturday Mass.
      Today, St. Charles Parish serves approximately 3,300 families. Enrollment at St. Charles School (2018-2019 school year) is 276 students, 22 teachers, one administrator, and 20 support staff. There are 322 CCD students (K-8).
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